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It was quite funny flying with Air Canada to Frankfurt. On the way to the security check in, my family and I were taking pictures and then this guy offered to take pictures of all of us together which was nice of him. When I got on the plane, it turns out that I ended up sitting right beside him. However, the genius that I am, I actually sat in 15F as opposed to 14F my actual seat, so I ended up having to move a seat up. Yup, missing some neurons. But, first let me mention the great way my flight actually began. My baggages were totally overweight, and, as far as I know, I was not charged for them. What a good way to start my trip.... :D But, the actual flight was not that great. There were so many babies and they did not stop crying the whole time, and the seats were really uncomfortable. On the bright side, I finally saw Hangover which really was a funny movie (but that was all that I was actually capable to see because I was falling asleep, even though the older man beside man was snoring).
From Frankfurt to Spain, the flight was much more comfortable because the seats were bigger and the plane was only half full so great success! Had a three seat row to myself.
Did I sleep? Probably 4 hours from Canada to Frankfurt a I took a good nap on the way to Spain, especially since the flight did not leave until an hour later. Unfortunately I lost 6 hours, but I will gain them back when I return to Canada.
This was my plane trip, nothing too crazy, but some interesting details. 

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Getting ready...

sunny 12 °C

So, here I am: 4 days until I leave for Madrid. Almost finished packing... well at least a suitcase is full. The big question: will I end up wearing all the shoes I brought with me? :D
Am I ready for Madrid? I guess this is actually the big question. I think I am; I have read all the possible materials I could get my hands on: travel guide, country facts, travel reports, travel tips, etc. This has made me really excited, and hopefully prepared for what is come. All I know is that I am very lucky to have been offered the opportunity to live there for 3 months and I will do everything to make the best of it.
The hard part: I will miss my familiy and my friends more than I have anticipated; I think I will even miss my room, which is a new sentiment. The funny part: teaching my mom to use skype (I think that says it all).
With that being said I hope that everything will work favourably and that I can find a way to deal with the emptiness of not having my family and my friends there.
On a happier tone, it's time to go have some fun!

Hasta pronto,


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